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SHEQ Services Africa offers certified health & safety services to various industries, ensuring that your business is compliant & safe at all times. 

Our Services

  • Implementation, integration and optimization of SHEQ
    (Occupational Health and Safety, Environmental and Quality) Management System, accordance to OHSAS 1800 I /
    ISO 4500 I, ISO 1400 I and ISO 900 I requirements.
  • ISO and OHSAS certification .
  • ISO and OHSAS awareness training .
  • SHEQ (Occupational Health and Safety, Environmental
    and Quality) audits, include system analysis and system assessments.
  • Hazard identification and Risk assessments (Baseline, Issue based and Continuous/ Pre-emptive assessments).
  • Fulfilling the duties of a Management Representative on a contractual basis.
  • Compilation of legal registers .
  • Legal compliance audits .
  • Environmental performance / compliance assessments
  • Customized planning & controlling webbased software solutions .

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