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Pumps & Piping Africa is an agent for leading brands and offers specialists services for pumps & piping requirements, from design, to fabrication & supply.

Our Services

  • Supply repair and installation of pumps valves electrical motors and diesel motors.
  • Build of pump base plates and safety guards.
  • Build of diesel and electrical driven pumps.
  • Design and build of pump rafts.
  • Design and build of wash plants.
  • Supply and install of HDPE pipes and couplings.
  • Supply of Pump Couplings and Inserts.
  • Supply of Gland Packing and Mechanical Seals.
  • Supply Caskets and O-Ring Kits.
  • Supply SIS Shims for line-up
  • Repair of all pump casings and pump volutes.
  • Repair pump journals with Micro Welding.
  • Harden pump journals with S0microns Nickel builder to Improve wear resistance of journals (440 Vickers hardness)

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