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Our services include consulting on areas where cleaning is required and recommen­dations is needed. Also on pool water management and dozing recommendations. Furthermore we will source all cleaning and pool products required on request. We can Supply cleaning equipment like brooms, mops, dusters, rags, Trolleys and wringers, toilet paper, garage rolls & dispensers and safety wear.

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We specialize in the manufacturing of degreasers on an industrial level and domestic level as well as other soaps and cleaners.

D.T.R I 00 Heavy Duty Engine Degreaser: Will be used in the cleaning of engines and engine parts. Works well where engines are overhauled.
D.T.R I 02 Hard surface cleaner: Will be used where light degreasing is required on floors, counters, tables and vehicles.
D.T.R I 04 Industrial Degreaser: Will be used on trucks, engines, workshop floors, paving and all areas where tough grease needs cleaning.
D.T.R 120 Dish wash Liquid: For tough degreasing on dishes.
D.T.R 130 Floor & Tile cleaner: For use on floors and tiles all-purpose cleaning.
D.T.R 20 Rust remover: For removing rust on areas that needs to be painted.
D.T.R 30 Aluminium cleaner (acid based): For cleaning aluminium parts, counters, frames and wheels.
D.T.R 35 Aluminium cleaner: Will be used for general purpose aluminium cleaning.
D.T.R 75 Hand cleaner: This is a paste without grit similar to “Flight” Hand cleaner. Works really well and is gentle on your hands.
D.T.R 80 Hand wash: This is a liquid hand wash for all purpose washing.
D.T.R 312 Algaecide: This is a pool product that kills all types of algae.
D.T.R SO I Pool Acid: This is pool ac.id to lower your pools ph.
Dry Chlorine: We supply in bulk 251kg and 40kg containers at very low costs.

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